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Cartier replica watches will be presenting three new watches at SIHH 2018. Although, in reality, only one of them is brand new.Cartier replica watches The other two are just new versions of watches already in their collection.

Differentiel d'Egalite

The 5th Invention by Stephen Forsey and Robert Greubel is the newest addition to the Differentiel d'Egalite.

In 2008, Cartier replica watches revealed at Baselworld they had developed a spherical diffecnt to transfer energy from the mainspring to the balance wheel, regardless of the torque on the train.

It achieved this constant dissipation of energy by using a secondary spring after the main spring to regulate the energy transfer. The secondary spring could re-inforce itself every five second, which allowed it to regulate and maintain a constant energy transfer rate. The Cartier replica watches 5th Invention was this.

In a decade, the 5th Invention that was a concept proof back then, has finally been transformed into a production-scale timepiece with many refinements. The secondary spring, for example, now rearms every second.Patek Philippe Replica This allows the mechanism to regulate energy more regularly and effectively. Cartier replica watches was able to create its first timepiece featuring dead-beat seconds thanks to the per-second rearm.