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The watch also has a Cartier Santos Replica watches 30deg inclined wheel, which is equipped with a stop mechanism when the crown of the timepiece is pulled out to adjust the clock. When the crown is removed, the seconds indicators are reset to zero. This allows you to adjust the time more accurately.

The Cartier Santos Replica watches Differentiel d'Egalite is produced in a limited edition of 33 pieces, 44mm white gold case.

Caseback of Cartier Santos Replica watches Differential d'Egalite

GMT Earth

The GMT Earth is next. You must be wondering what makes the GMT Earth so different from the Cartier Santos Replica watches replica watches The answer is on the backside of the newer model and it has everything to do the 3D globe located at 7 o'clock.

The Cartier Santos Replica watches GMT earth

Caseback of Cartier Santos Replica watches GMT-Earth

In the GMT, you can see that the titanium globe rotated every 24 hours on a 24-hour time scale. Only the northern half was visible. The GMT Earth makes the entire globe visible thanks to a clever sapphire design.

The GMT retains its original functions, including: small seconds; GMT time; 72-hour reserve indicator; GMT and 24-time zone universal clock indicator visible on the caseback. The watch retains a 24-second tourbillon that is Rolex Day Date Replica reclined to 25deg.